Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You can't call yourself a blogger...

unless, at some point in January,
you mention New Years resolutions.
So here's my mention:
they're dumb.
Pick a couple realistic goals.
Not some lofty, unattainable, saintly status.
I will be happy all the time!
I will only eat healthy!
I will exercise daily! 
Because you can't.
And you won't. 
And always eating healthy means no occasional junk food binge.
Which leads to unhappiness anyway.
So you're stuck. 
I digress.
Here are my [few] realistic goals for 2013:
1. Default to The New York Times link instead of Facebook whenever I open my browser.
2. Don't waste the weekend sleeping.
3. Visit an art gallery or museum twice a month.
4. Stop feeling guilty for buying $6 tubs of designer hummus. It's delicious and I deserve it. 
5. Call at least one person I love every single day. 
6. Move to Iceland.
Just kidding.
But isn't it dreamy? 
Photo via this guy

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