Monday, February 20, 2012

For my dear blue girl...

I don't like the sound of vacuum cleaners either.
Bagels really are the best breakfasts.
Your "ugly face" was actually adorable.
Even being allergic to you couldn't stop me from kissing you on your snout.
You might have had the best name in the world, even if nobody else understood.
You never figured out that if you didn't pull we wouldn't have had to put the snout guard on you.
Guys with beards aren't going to hurt us. 
Goosey, birdy and squirrel squirrel will miss you gnawing them to death, 
Beds are still for sleeping and not for biting.
Flies are so annoying when you're trying to sleep on the back porch. 
The leenie weenies were your way of telling us you loved us.  
Don't worry, we won't leave you outside by yourself.
You're going to regret eating your entire bag of food when it spills all over.
I never felt good about leaving you at the dog spa and coming home to your chapped nose.
I would have rolled in the mud with you if I could.
I still find a McCloskey hair on my clothes even when I'm at school. 
Windexing the windows to get your snot marks off was a huge pain.
I'll always be convinced you would talk in freak talk if you could.
Thanks for all the Christmas gifts, you always knew exactly what to get. 
Just because Dickens can sleep on the couch doesn't mean you are any less human than she is.
Thank you for always being excited to see me in the morning.
And buggling with me.
And keeping my secrets. 
And loving me no matter what.
I will love you for 9525 freak years and even after.
xoxo blue swan.
-Your adoring sister

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